Pixels Camp

Quizshow Challenges

Over the last weeks leading to Pixels Camp, you have the opportunity to sink your teeth into four hard-core challenges that will put your street cred at the ├╝ber-geek level. Submit a correct answer to any one of them to score points towards the chance to test your geek-related knowledge on stage for the Amazing Quizshow!

Qualifier challenges open weekly, up to a few days before the event, so keep an eye on Twitter and Slack for new challenges and hints. For extra brain exercise, also check out the qualifiers for the Security CTF and the Code in the Dark competitions.

Current Scores

The following table shows all participants that submitted an accepted answer to any of the challenges above (expand the list to see everybody). These scores are final.

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The Amazing Quizshow!

On the second evening of Pixels Camp, sixteen teams of two go up on the main stage to answer a bunch of trivia questions from the geek universe. By the end of the quizshow, only one team will come out with the enviable title of top geek (and a prize).

The Qualifiers

When the qualifiers are over, the quizmaster will ask participants ranking in the top 16 positions to choose a sidekick of his/her choosing. This person doesn't need to have participated in the qualifiers and can be any accepted Pixels Camp attendee.

If two qualified participants choose to form a team, then the next participant in line gets qualified automatically and will be asked to form a team. If a team fails to appear on stage, then the next team in line will be called. So, keep your eyes open, your brains ready, and emails from the quizmaster out of your spam folder.

The Quizmaster, 2017