This challenge was part of 2017's qualifiers, but should still be completable. If you just want to browse, and don't mind the spoilers, check the bottom of the write-up for the solutions.

It's still August, so we'll start this year's qualifiers with something you can try to crack while relaxing at the beach...

At each step of this challenge you'll be shown a couple of images that provide clues for the answer of that particular step. Guess correctly and you'll jump to the next step. Proceed until you reach the final step and then follow the quizmaster's instructions to submit your final answer.

This challenge is for time. The fastest participants to reach the end score more points.

Ready? Then jump to the first step!

Final Answer

Submit your final answer for review using the form below. The quizmaster will look into all the answers periodically, so come back in a while to see if your answer was accepted.

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If you have any questions, go to the #quizshow channel on Slack and ask away. Some hints may appear here too, if the quizmaster is in a good mood, that is.