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Decoder Ring

This challenge was part of 2017's qualifiers, but should still be completable. If you just want to browse, and don't mind the spoilers, check the bottom of the write-up for the solutions.

For this last qualifier challenge of the season we're going back to something familiar: a series of steps where images provide the clues to advance from one step into the next. But this time there's a twist, which you'll figure out after a few steps.

This challenge is for time, finish ahead of other participants to score more points. Also, keep your eyes open for changes in step pages if you get stuck, the quizmaster may subtly alter them with hints later in the week.

Final Answer

Submit your final answer for review using the form below. The quizmaster will look into all the answers periodically, so come back in a while to see if your answer was accepted.

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If you have any questions, go to the #quizshow channel on Slack and ask away.