This challenge was part of 2019's qualifiers, but should still be completable. If you just want to browse, and don't mind the spoilers, check the bottom of the write-up for the solutions.

Welcome to the first challenge of the season. Are you ready to warm up your brain? You'll need some research skills and lateral thinking for this one.

This challenge is made of several steps: at each step you'll see images that provide clues. Guess correctly and you'll jump to the next step. Steps are grouped into levels and only complete levels score points.

Both progress and speed matter. You'll be ranked by number of levels completed, with ties broken by latest submission time. You can submit as you progress but only the latest level may be incomplete, missing or wrong steps will get you a rejected answer.

Challenge Answer

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If you have questions, go to the #quizshow channel on Slack and ask away (sign up if you're not there yet). Hints may appear here too, if the quizmaster is in a good mood.