This challenge was part of 2019's qualifiers and some steps beyond the first are no longer available online, but there's a write-up blog post with an overview of the solutions, though.

Get ready to be quick on the brain and slick on the keyboard as you embark on an exciting treasure hunt, jumping from place to place in the quizmaster's footsteps.

Start by cracking the image below and going where it tells you to. Then, figure out how to get to the step after that. Continue your hunt until you're clearly told the magic words you must write in the answer box below.

Some steps take you elsewhere right away, others have layers, like onions (hopefully without any crying). Also, don't be afraid to use your coding skills if the need arises because, you know... when the going gets tough, the tough get going

This challenge is for time, treasure hunters will be scored by how fast they complete it.


If you prefer to play in hard-mode, read no further and skip this section now. If you're lost, these hints may help getting you back on track – or cause even more confusion:

  • The image above contains in itself all the information you need to go elsewhere, plus some accidental (but welcomed) evil. Also, there is nothing wrong with it.
  • The step that people call the numbers clearly has more than just numbers in there but, if you're seeing leading unprintable characters, you're doing it wrong.
  • If some clue is used to solve a step, then that clue is depleted and you can rest assured it isn't relevant for any other step after it.
  • The edible is the hardest step in this challenge so think what kind of vessel the crew might be lurking in. Once that sinks in, if you still feel you're lost without an map, double check your tools, you may need better ones.

Challenge Answer

Submit your answer for review using the form below. The quizmaster will look into all the answers periodically, so come back in a while to see if you answered correctly.

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If you have questions, go to the #quizshow channel on Slack and ask away (sign up if you're not there yet). More hints may appear here, if the quizmaster is in a good mood.