This challenge was part of 2020's qualifiers, but should still be completable. If you just want to browse, and don't mind the spoilers, check the bottom of the write-up for the solutions.

For the first qualifier challenge of the decade, let's go with one you can play with your non-geek friends — or with your moderately-geek friends, at least — an image gauntlet.

This challenge is a finite sequence of steps, each with a couple of images. The images are clues: figuring them out takes you to the next step. After a few steps you'll run into save points, where you are allowed to submit the steps thus far and get a partial score.

Both progress and speed matter. You'll be ranked by number of steps completed up to the latest save point reached, with ties broken by latest submission time.

You can only submit after reaching the first save point.

Challenge Answer

Submit your answer using the form below. The quizmaster will look into all the answers periodically, so come back in a while to see how many points you've scored.

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If you have questions, join the #quizshow channel on Slack and ask away. Also, the hardest steps may get updated with hints during the week, so keep your eyes open.