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Prison Break

This challenge was part of 2020's qualifiers and some steps beyond the first are no longer available online, but there's a write-up blog post with an overview of the solutions, though.

Hello there. It's the second week of the quizshow qualifiers and the heat is on. Get on your feet, grab your gear, and hold on to your hat… it's time for a treasure hunt.

Make sense of the numbers in the picture below and go wherever they're telling you to go. Something mysterious awaits you there, if you can escape this prison.

In this journey you'll jump around different places on the wild internet. Some steps are layered and require staying put for a while, but they'll all ultimately move you forward. There is no cake at the end, only instructions on what to submit as your final answer.

This challenge is for time, treasure hunters will be scored by how fast they complete it.

Challenge Answer

Submit your answer using the form below. The quizmaster will look into all the answers periodically, so come back in a while to see if your answer was accepted.

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If you have questions, join the #quizshow channel on Slack and ask away. Also, stay alert as hints may appear on this page — or the steps themselves, when applicable.